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Janssen-Cosmeceutical2Founded in 1990, Walther Janssen founded Janssen Cosmeceutical in effort to improving the skin overall profile. Janssen created products for every phase of skin types focusing on face and body recovery.

Yonka-Paris3Yon-Ka Paris focuses its products on innovation in sources of comfort, beauty and overall well-being. Yon-Ka uses concentrated supplements from rare plant and natural sources to give the skin softness, hydration and suppleness. Their products provide the entire body with relaxation and energy with their subtle aromas.

Hair Care Products

Moroccanoil2Moroccan Oil provides the best hair care products of the 21st century. They provide products for hydration, repair, frizz control, volume and scalp balance. Whether your hair is fine, medium, thick/coarse, wavy/curly they have a product for you.

EuforaWith Eufora haircare products its about what’s inside the bottle that counts. Their products are designed to get you the results you want while respecting your overall health and the environment. Eufora’s technology is very advanced and focuses on using powerful botanical extracts which are scientifically proven to grow your hair, scalp and skin to the most healthy level currently today.


Warm weather can alter the look and feel of your skin so try a hydrating spa treatment that will retain moisture and keep your skin looking fresh and …. Whether you want to exfoliate your brighten your skin, we have skin treatments and products that can be tailored just for you. Schedule an appointment and indulge your skin in the beauty benefits of our spa treatments at Aurora’s Day Spa to give you that enviable and undeniable summer glow.

Aurora’s Day Spa is proud to feature the following skin, hair and body care products and skin care devices for sale in our salon.



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