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about2Aurora’s Salon & Day Spa is the go-to Spa to receive result-oriented treatments in a tranquil environment. Aurora’s Salon & Day Spa has been a haven for women for over six years by focusing on treatments that facilitate restoration and well-being.

Aurora first became passionate about skin care when she started in the beauty industry. After starting out as skincare consultant/makeup artist for Borghese, Estee Lauder and Color Me Beautiful, Aurora wanted to create healing skin therapies that gave results for her clients that she deeply cared about and sought a thorough education in the spa industry. Aurora has been a licensed cosmetologist for over 30 yrs, a licensed skin therapist for 16 years, and is certified by Yon-ka Paris.

Aurora has recognized the need for a niche-type boutique spa that provides skin therapies in a comfortable, private and relaxed setting. So all her treatments are provided in a soothing, pampering spa atmosphere to ease your stress away – while giving your skin an enviable and undeniable glow.

Aurora creates individual client programs that focus on reducing stress and providing healthier, more radiant skin. Because every individual’s skin is different, Aurora provides a quiet, discreet evaluation of each client’s skin needs and develops a personalized treatment program. This personalized plan for each client provides optimum results, short and long-term. Whether you need maintenance or correction, Aurora’s experienced healing hands provide you with the treatments your skin needs to give you the results you want.

Aurora customizes the blend and type of each skin treatment and designs a personalized home skincare program that complements the in-spa procedure. We at Aurora’s Salon & Day Spa highly value every client and make ourselves available to assist you with any questions you may have.

Located in the Heart of Chula Vista’s Third Avenue Village, Aurora’s Salon & Day Spa is Chula Vista’s premiere boutique spa.

Beauty is how you feel inside and it reflects in your eyes, it is not something physical. ~Sophia Loren

Aurora’s Salon & Day Spa

Located in the Heart of Chula Vista’s Third Avenue Village, Aurora’s Salon & Day Spa is Chula Vista’s premiere boutique spa.

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